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Having been looking at birds since the age of 5, the infatuation that has followed has enveloped my life. Those that know me can testify that there is little time in which I am not looking at birds, even when I am nowhere near any likely birding areas. I live by the motto 'Birds appear anywhere, there just needs to be someone looking', and this has proved me some success over the years, discovering a few very out of place species.

After spending much of my early birding career moping around and not really seeing much on my Worcestershire local patch- probably more a result of my inexperience than the quality of the patch- it was on branching out into the wider 'West Midlands' birding scene that prompted the start of this blog. With that came networking between a number of local birders who had blogs, and a number of meetups between the faces behind the 'Blurred Birder', 'Brightside Birding' and 'Local Birding for Local People' really helped to secure my passion for birds at what became an increasingly conflicted and difficult time as I hit secondary school.

Since passing the stage at which many young wildlife watchers drop out of the hobby unscathed, the reward from regular birding has seen a significant increase in what I see, locally, or more distantly.

Despite now travelling semi-regularly to see scarce and rare birds further away from home, and with an ever growing desire to explore more exotic birding destinations, my main passion in Birding still resides on my local patch. Despite having birded this location for over 15 years, and with the reward usually being low, the thought of discovering something new on my humble little patch continues to drive me to the most to keep plodding away.

Although having become more lax with my posting over the last couple of years, mainly due to other commitments, I do try t update here whenever possible. So whether days, weeks or months behind, I still hope to post it here.
For those of you who want more up to date updates, I regularly use Twitter (@MidlandsBirder)  and Facebook (See link in sidebar- right) to display my most recent exploits.


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