Monday, 23 May 2011


Upton Warren.

A set up pre run for the UW all dayer went very weel, and waders were moving big style, i had decided to visit upton 3 days in a row (thurs Night, Friday from around 2pm-7pm and for the saturday roost, and my increases upton regiem had rewards)

I dropped into the flashes first as all the Big birds were reported on that side, and i was exeptiannly relieved when all 3 of the birds had remained, WOOD SANDPIPER, WHIMBREL and a GREENSHANK!!, and that mentioned, this being spring, all were in stunning summer plumage, however, all but the Greenshank were right at the back of the flashes, after some time watching them i picked up a wagtail over the back, and a scope view revealed that i was watching a female WHITE WAGTAIL.

(Female White Wagtail)

The hide remained crowded so i was about to head up to the moors when the Wood sand flew towards us and landed in the channels just to the right of the hide briefly before heading back to the rear of the flash. I took some photos.

(Wood Sandpiper)

I then walked over to the Moors via the Education reserve, adding Lesser Whitethroat, Willow warbler, Whitethroat and blackcap to the day list, however i failed to find the Garden Warbler.

Compared to the flashes, It was very quiet at the Moors, however everyone was looking skyward as a marsh harrier flew over before i got there.

After some time on the Moors seeing not much, i decided to walk to the flashes again before my dad picked me up so i can wait for the thunderstorm to drop some waders, however, the thrunderstorm never materialised, and infact, it got sunnyer. But that did help when the Greenshank came closer;


On the walk back to the flashes i found the male Garden Warbler singing.

I waited untill around 7 but the rain didnt come.


4 Oyc

16 Avocet + 4 chick


1 Wood Sandpiper

1 Green Sandpiper

2 Common Sandpiper

1 Greenshank

1 Whimbrel

2 Snipe

4 Common Tern

1 White Wagtail
1 Garden Warbler

1 Lesser Whitethroat


Dip time


Upton warren

A male white spotted bluethroat had been around for the last 2 days but it was a no show for me, and after a whole day of no sign, it was fair to assume the bird had moved on.

Reed and sedge warblers singing, and a pair of blackcap, multiple chiffchaff.

the Flashes fared little better, with 6 LRP, 2 Curlew, 2 Lapwing and 16 Avocet, including 4 chicks.



Thursday, 19 May 2011

Start of wader movement..


An adult Dunlin at the flashes was my first for the year, this healeded the start of wader passage.

(note the dunlin, Lrp and avocets in the pic)

Highlights (both moors + flashes)

4 Gadwall

1 Peregrine


17 Avocet

5+ LRP


1 Common Gull (1s dropped in briefly)

4 Common tern


Wednesday, 18 May 2011


With huge promise from recent reports we decided to give the wyre forest a go to mop up the 'common' Summer migrants.
We walked along the old railway line first, hearing 3 Different Wood warblers singing on the dowles side of the track, we clocked onto 3 Tree pipit singing and showing at the clearings on the left of the path, but otherwhys, it was deadly quiet, with only chiffchaff, willow warbler and blackcap being seen, the area around Lodge Hill was equally quiet, and after a check in the orchard we moved to the gate at the top end, we walked through, and was stunned to see a pair of Roe Deer, running straight for us, then dropping down a bank, and reappearing much closer without noticing us. they got within about 30 metres of us, then noticed us and scuttled off into the forest....
My first Deer in the Wyre..

Bird Activity remained low though, 2 Marsh tit were in the bushes along the railway line just beyond lodge hill, but it was only when we reached the Pine trees, that things greatly improved, I locked onto a Redstart singing on the back edge of small plantation, i saw a flash of red as a male Redstart Landed on a tree, My dad had yet to see a redstart so i got him onto it, and soon after this bird was joined by another Bird, this time a Female, we stuck around here for 20 mins watching and trying to get photos, but i failed to get any photos at all, due to the birds being highly mobile.
We dropped into the small 'rest' area under the pine trees, and was stunned at the activity here, 5 WOOD WARBLERS, all chasing each other and quivering while singing literally a few metres away, litterally stunning views of real charesmatic little birds, i tried again for photos, however the birds were again too fast, and i was unable to lock onto then being as they were so close, we also counted a staggering 4 Male Redstart here, all chaseing each other around the clearing, giving amazing but all to brief views, we waited around this area for some time, as we watched this amazing pair of birds.
A tawney owl was also heard Hooting from here.

WE moved further into the forest and found the Stunning male PIED FLYCATCHER singing and flycatching in the canopy, the angle was so nasty, that i couldnt look at the bird for no more than 5 secs at a time due to cramp in my neck, we waited around here also but the Flycatcher remained Unco-opperative, so we decided to leave it.
A Pair of Mandarin Duck were giving stunning views on the Brook, and in the sun, i took the op to take some photos...

A dipper flew along the brook, and was relocated further into our walk, the homeward walk was quieter really, with few birds between coopers mill and dry mill lane, as said before the dipper was relocated but we failed to see the pair we saw the last time we were in the wyre.

Some amazing birds in that forest, just put a bit of effort in and you can get lots out of it :)


Random Bit n Bobs

Sheepwash U p
Very Quiet, only 2 Whitethroat of note.

Ellowes Woods ( Cotwell end valley)
1 Lesser Whitethroat

Kidderminster area
2 H martin
- Swallow

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Bloggers day out...

A days Birding, in apparently gods county, where you have to work for your birds, and it is better than upton warren.. (apparently)

Bloggers day members:

Me :)

Martyn Y ( Blurred Birder)

Kay D (Brightside Birder)

Richard P (Local Birding 4 Local people)

Our first target was on Cannock Chase, where a long staying GREAT-GREY SHRIKE was present, Not long after we had got out of the car we were treated to views of a gorgeous singing male Common Redstart, There area was plastered with Willow warbler with seemingly one singing from ever other tree, a few Meadow pipits flew over in the cool morning breeze

The Shrike was picked out at distance, and we moved closer to where we thought the bird was, we Found another Male Redstart singing and showing nicely in the Sun, and we climbed up a steep track to be greated with great Scope views of the shrike.

(Great-Grey Shrike- Cannock Chase)

After we had had our fill of the Shrike we walked to another section on the area where we had 2 Singing Tree Pipit, one of which was perched up in a tree, giving quite good views

We then decided to have a check of a nearby Vally, where a flock of 4 Stonechat ( 2 M) were feeding, alot more Meadow pipits started moving, and as we were walking back up the vally, we picked up a distant RED KITE, the others got more exited than i did because you get them all the time in worcester :P

After this we headed to a little bit of open water, Blithfield Res.
A single Common sand and 2 LRP were feeding near the causeway, But i was bemused by the lack of Gulls/terns, there were no terns, and maybe only a couple of BHG.
The Deeps gave us 2 (??) Wheatear one of which shown well on a ledge.

(Wheatear- Blithfield Res)

It also gave us 3 Yellow Wagtails one of which was a stunning male,

(terrible male Yellow Wagtail shot)

We then moved onto a Small area of wasteland with a puddle in it, and it held, 2 OYC, a mulitude of LRP, 2 Redshank and a Wheatear.

A check of a Gravel pit nearby (name has been lost to me) had us seeing a Pair of Mandarin,a Green sand, a few duck species, a few Curlew, and teal, BY now it was getting very hot, and very dusty, and we couldnt find any birds :P

We then headed back up to Blithers where a quick check of the deep end had the yellow wags again, Then we decided to head up to Tad bay, where things livened up for the last stand of the day. A pair of Pintails were at the far north end, as was 2 Female Goosander, alot of Wigeon and Teal, and 4 Goldeneye were showing ( 2 drk)
A Good few birds tbh
Cheers for the day to the Bloggers


With the Blog rapidly dropping further and further behind, i have decided to do summarys on certain days, and reports on other days, depending on the species seen,
So here goes:
Upton warren
A good Gull day,
the 2nd Summer Med Gull was still presnt and doing its thing among the BHG, However there are 2 highlights from the day, A Pair of LITTLE GULLS's in early stage of moult into summer plumage spent the day feeding on the Moors poll, Another of my favorite species, and it was great to have my 2 Favorite gulls flying around with each other.
The 2nd highlight was an awsome count of 19 AVOCET, a record breaking count infact, the highst spring total EVER recorded.
5 Oyc
10 Avocet
1 Green Sand
1 Common Sand
1 Redshank
1 Medditteranean Gull
2 Little Gulls

Monday, 9 May 2011

Upton Warren...

A nice start to spring passage, A gorgeous Sum plum BLACK-TAILED GODWIT had settled on the Moors pool islands, sharing its patch of mud with Oyc's and once the MED Gull, And this was topped off with My first COMMON TERN of the year, the earliest recorded at upton.

The flashes held a few waders, with 3 Oyc, 17 Avocet, 8 LRP, 4 Lapwing, 1 Green sand, 1 Redshank, 16 Curlew, add to this the godwit there was a few waders about..

The Med Gull as expected dropped into roost, however to late to get videos/pics, however a Drk TEAL fed in front of the hide.


Garden Summary 2/04- 9/04


The pair of BRAMBLINGS remained, but the April Barrier hit, and there was a huge drop in Finch Numbers in both the wood and the Garden, Only 10c Siskin remained in the Garden, 5 Goldfinch and a single Lesser Redpoll.

A flock of 6 BRAMBLING were in a tree adjacent to the garden, a new record count, add to this the 8+ that was still in the birchwood and that makes 14+ over the site still.
A single Lesser Redpoll was still visiting the garden, and Siskin numbers had jumped to 20c again.
A gorgeous Chiffchaff sang and showed well in the garden.

Despite having douts over whether the bramblings would still be here i was proved wrong when a superb flock of 6 Birds were all together on the seed below the feeder and on the patio, a gorgeous sight, including some stunning looking males.
A flock of 15 Goldfinch remained although all our siskin had gone.



My first Swallow of the year :)

Tuesday, 3 May 2011



A walk all the way to larford was rewarded by a very confiding Great-Crested Grebe which was showing just a few metres from the bank, i spent some time watching and photographing the Grebe, its not a bird i see at close range on the patch ( distant views can be obtained over larford lakes) and i believe that these are the best photos of GCG i have got on the patch.

While i was watching the grebe a LBBG landed on a nearby Boyd and i snapped away at this 4th winter bird,

There was also a apir of Adults near the abandoned toy factory in the town centre.

It was also great to see the ressurgence of the Finch flock in the birch woodland, the Brambling total had boomed to a patch record of 24+ ( 16+ in birchwood, 5+ in Moorhall wood and 3 in garden), the birds showed superbly as well, albiet through quite dense nettles/ Hawthorn.

The siskin flock had rapidly dropped and now only 20c Birds remained, the Lesser Redpoll flock had remained constant at 20 Birds and it was a huge supprise that a huge count of 30 Chiffchaff was achieved over the whole site, the floodgates had well and truily opened!!


Upton Warren...

4 Gadwall
15 Avocet
2 Green Sand
17 Curlew
3 Chiffchaff



A planned patch walk with my gornal friend (The 'Gornal Birder') took place.
A male WHITE WAGTAIL was feeding in the paddocks at lincomb in the evening with the horses, this was the earliest i have recorded a white wag on the patch and my first for 2 years.

otherwise, 3 Goosander ( all fem) were on the river, 2 at Blackstone and a single bird, unfortunatly with a seemingly injured wing was just south of the limcomb lock on the river adjacent to larford lakes.

The BRAMBLING'S remained in the birch woodland, with a minimum of 8 birds counted, and 20c Siskin remained.

A meadow Pipit was heard to fly over,

9 Great crested Grebe were on larford lakes and there was an extra bird feeding actually on the river just north of stourport marina.

The highlight of the day however is when checking under a piece of corrogated iron for snakes, we found a small COMMON LIZZARD, infact the 1st lizzard i have ever seen in the UK. We left the Lizzard quickly and left the corrogated iron in place.


The 2nd summer Med Gull was in the roost at the flashes in the evening, also 1 green sandpiper, a jack snipe, 29 curlew, 3 common snipe, 3 H gull and a single Redshank.