Monday, 5 September 2011


With news that the water levels at the lakes was extremly low, and there having just been a rainstorm, we though we would check the lakes for waders:

Firstly, i found this Yellow Underwing moth on a conifer hedge while we were cutting it back, it was one of about 20 that flew out, i took a couple of snaps, then placed it into another conifer so not to be desturbed.
When we got to the lakes, it looked amazing. we walked around to the c'way and soon spotted a DUNLIN probing away in the mud, it shown well from the road, and came to within about 40ft.
The light however, was dire, and it had almost gone and with another shower coming in, it seemed like almost night time!

There was also a large number of around 20 Pied wagtails feeding around the shoreline of engine and windmill pool.


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