Monday, 12 September 2011

A few more Patch Goodies


The day looked superb, so i decided on some skywatching, however, nothing flew over!
I was amazed owever, that when i was heading home, i was treated to amazing views of an adult HOBBY as it chased a swift for about a minuite around low above the woodland and the adjacent field, I have never been treated to as good views as i did, and i have never seen a Hobby actually attack something with intent, so to see how agile it was was awsome!
Easilly by favorite raptor.
Oddly, there was a flock of 13 LAPWING sitting on the riverside fields, which is unusual because i dont usually get even a single bird untill november time, so to see a flock this early was a suprise.

A KESTREL shown very well sitting on a fence post at the riverside fields also, and a YELLOW WAGTAIL also flew over calling.


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