Wednesday, 21 September 2011


As i hadent been on the patch for a few weeks now, i was anxious to get back, no matter what time, i was dropped off not long before sunset and headed downriver.
There was very few birds about due to the time of day, however, a KINGFISHER was darting back and forth along the river and 4 MANDARIN were at Blackstone, including the drake which was now back to show its pluamge in all its orange glory!

I took this opporotunity however, to see how many TAWNEY OWL'S i could hear, on the journey from Blackstone to Lickhill, i counted 7 Different calling birds, which included 3 males, all but one of which were on the Ribblesford wood side of the river.
After darkness had fell, a flock of 15 LAPWING appeared against the slightly paler sky as they landed and roosted on the riverside fields!

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