Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A site Mega, to a regional MEGA!

When news emerged that a Juv Arctic Skua had been found at Chelmarsh Res i was imidiatly thinking it wouldnt stay long, how wrong i was.
On friday, when my dad picked me up i sneakilly asked to have a visit, and to my suprise, a few hours later, there we were, pulling into the sailing club at chelmarsh!
It didnt take long to locate the bird sitting distantly on the other side of the Res near the Dam, and it flew once for no reason, and flew a tiny little closer, still way too far for digiscoping, but you cant blame me for trying.
We were treated to 'satisfactory' views of the bird as it sat on the water, not really doing much.
I vowed to return to chelmarsh in the following week, skua or not, because it looked quite good.
There was also a large (80c) flock of Greylag goose and in amongst the flock was a single adult Snow Goose, which flew over our heads a few times.
There was 23 Goosander and a single Yellow Wagtail on the Dam.

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