Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Upton Warren

A brief visit to the Moors pool for the Juv ARCTIC TERN that had been seen with the Girlfriend.
Well we only walked just down the path and i saw the Tern, Translucent primarys an all, as it dip fed over the pool, however, it failed to land at any point, so therefore no pics or videos!
However, A BARNACLE GOOSE (certainly Feral) was keeping its distance form the Canandas:

It always Remained in its little bit of space,
I spotted a DUNLIN probing about on the other side of the pool as well as a COMMON SANDPIPER.
Unusually, a Collered dove flew over north, an Adult SHELDUCK was on the islands, and this Juv BULLFINCH was on the feeder below the hide:



Shannon said...

Yep, the girlfriend saw that 2 at Upton Warren, I know what a Barnacle Goose looks like now because of the boyfriend, Mr MB ;) x

Shannon said...

Oh and of course the Arctic tern :) x

midlands birder said...

Yes, you do know how what a Barnie Goose and an Arctic tern looks like now ;P
well the tern would be abit more tricky than the goose, but oh well :P