Thursday, 8 September 2011

Drop IN.

I was meeting my girlfriend today, but when news came through of a Ruff at Upton, and needing it for the year list, i did abit of planning with my dad, so we dropped into Upton before i had to meet her, and hopefully still be on time.
Well, it worked, we walked down to the Main flashes hide, but while walking past the Bench, i heard a Yellow Wagtail calling, but i couldnt work out whether the bird was on the field or flew over, we looked for abit, but with time restraints, we gave in.
Walked into the hide with a few people watching the Juv Female RUFF as it stalked the waters edge with 2 Common Sand, 7 Green sand, Yesterdays Dunlin and the Redshank.

It wasnt long however before people in the hide heard the YELLOW WAGTAIL too, and it was even more suprising when a Female alighted on the dried out 2nd Flash, we watched it for about 5 mins as it stood motionless before flying off low west. we had to leave now, but we had the Yellow wag on the Transmitter field very briefly, before it again flew off west.

And after all that, we were only 5 mins late :D



Tim Jones said...

Good to see you getting your priorities sorted birds before girlfriends!

Ticked Pom Skua at Bartley after cancelling meeting up with the gf and ditched another one for the day to go see Marsh Sand!

midlands birder said...

Lol, Tbh, I didnt cancel seeing her, and i was just 5 Mins late, so i get to see the bird, then the GF, its all good :D
Tbh, if a 'Rare' turned up close enough and i was with her, i wouldnt ditch her, just bring her along, im sure she would love the White tip to P10 on a Caspo Gull ;P
Saying that tho, only a really bloody good bird will ever stop me seeing her :) And whats the chances of that in the midlands ;P

Tim Jones said...

Choice between a Pom at Bartley with your dad offering you a lift and seeing the gf?!