Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Patch again.

As the field at lickhill had been plowed, there was a large amount of gulls, which ment i kept coming back here on/off all day.

A smoke Breathing BHG

A 3rd Winter LBBG was on the field.

However, this Juv LBBG was on the Baisins in the town centre while i was trying (and failing) to get a film of the GREY WAGTAIL i had seen, the closest i got was when you could hear it calling on one of my videos of the LBBG:

However, the highlight of the day, was when a gorgeous HOBBY bolted over the Garden towards the river just as i was leaving to check the plowed field:

This leads me on to my other garden birds:
A Goldfinch:

A Long tailed tit:

and this Collered dove, which was 'washing' in a rainstorm to let the water run down its feathers by raising its wing:

15 LAPWING were seen on another Plowed field, just to the north of Lickhill

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