Tuesday, 20 September 2011


An after college visit to Sheepwash was very rewarding, although on our walk around the main Pumphouse pool we didnt see anything at all, other than BHG, but as i had a new camera, i thought i would try a pic or 2:

After takin many photo's of adult and 1st winter BHG we headed over to the Chemical pool, to hopefully find a 'Real' Gull.
But no such luck, Not even a herring Gull, but here is a juv LBBG:

However, a Brief sudden exitement hit me when i saw a Tern drop down to feed around the Pool, litterally coming in from nowhere!, just dropping out of the sky, 1 raise of my bins and i knew i was watching a moulting adult ARCTIC TERN, it fed vigorously around the pool from 3:18-3:24, where it then flew out to the north, climbing high as it went,
The whole time it was there, it was constantly harrased by the LBBG and BHG on the pool.

We then walked through the 'mound tunnel' to check out the marshy pools, there was nothing there, so we walked towards the Tame bridge, where a long tailed brown bird flew across in front of us,
Not imidiatly recognising it, i looked up at the Dead tree it flew upon, and was amazed to see a SPOTTED FLYCATCHER, as the wind was very veyr strong the bird was blown off the perch very quickly, but i manadged this pic before the final gust pushed it off the twig.

A long wait followed, and after an hour and not seeing it, we were leaving, but for some unknown reason i looked back, and there it was, perched on a small Birch tree!

Scope down, camera out of pocket, up to eyepiece, 'SPOTTED FLYCATHER'

After this i went back to the main Pumphouse pool, and Quickly spotted an ARCTIC TERN, however, this was not the adult bird i had just seen, this was a Juv bird! it tried to take some photos but they didnt come out very well, this bird was present from 4.50- 5:10 when it flew off.

And that was that, other than the Main Highlight birds, nothing else was seen, as is the way with sheepwash!
Oh, and the 4 Cormorant were checked for Shags, but there were all 'Bog standard'


Jason K said...

Spot Fly and Arctic Tern on the same day at an urban patch...that's a good day Craig...nice finds mate

midlands birder said...

Oops didnt finsih the post!!!! I also saw a juv Arctic tern later the same day, same place on the main pool!

midlands birder said...

Now corrected, thats what happens when you rush posts!

Cheers jase, 2 Arctic tern and spot fly are unexpected at such a site, but great to see,
Urban birding at its pinacle :p