Thursday, 25 August 2011


While i was Stomping around 'the site' looking at juv Goldfinch's, Greenfinches, and a multitude of Goldcrest i was amazed to see a small woodpecker fly onto a tree in front of me about 60ft away!
I quickly Realised that after 9 weeks of no sightings, the Female LESSER-SPOTTED WOODPECKER had dropped in, Sadly before i had my scope up the bird flew off, and despite searching, i couldnt find her again, even on checking the 'woodpecker tree' ( this is a favored tree for all 3 species of british woodpecker) which was in the direction she had flown off.
Nice to know she (they??) are still in the area, and hopefully many more views and photo's as the leaves fall off the tree's.


euthymic said...

Hope the woodpecker comes back. At least you know you spotted it:)

midlands birder said...

I hope it (they) come back too, would be great to see them more over the winter!