Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Wader exidus- Enter Egret

What was a Quiet evenings roost stayed that way!
An Avocet had left leaving 2 juv birds and there was 8 LRP untill 8:45pm where 4 birds jumped into the air exitidly calling, circling the Pools over and over, untill eventually flying off south.
Migration in action!!
A total of 16 Green Sandpipers were dotted around the pools, as was 54 Lapwing.
With the BHG dropping in it was nice to see 2 ringed birds again, which were presumably the same from last week, 5 Common Tern dropped in with the Gulls, and as it reached darkness a total of 32 Curlew was reached.
We were about to leave when a white heron flew in and landed on the sticks at the back of the 2nd flash at 9:10pm,
Little Egret!
We watched the bird for about 15 mins before the dark had well and truily fallen.

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