Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Roost Birding

At Earlswood i found both Holly Blue, and Purple Hairstreak Butterfly in the Garden.
As we were quite early, we decided to drop into the Moors pool, as a pair of Little Egret had been seen there, it didnt take long to spot one as if flew from the broadmeadow pool to Amys marsh, but we had wondering if the other had flow, untill the 2nd bird flew in from the south and landed in a tree on the east side of the pool, 2 Water rail were calling and 15 Greylag geese were on the island but otherwhys it was quiet.
We had just gotton back into the car, when a text came through, Adult Med Gull in flashes roost.
Within 10 Mins we had walked down to the hide, to be told that the bird had again flown off,
however, less than a minuite later i picked the bird up flying back in, and we watched it throughout the evening, taking occasional short flights. It was obvious that the ird was ringed, and after a long time, i finally read it to say 5P5, early indications show that this bird may have come from Poland!!
The 2 Egrets flew over and circled then flew back to the moors.
A single Juv LRP was on the flashes, as was 60c Lapwing, 10+ Green sand
2 Common Sand, 31 Curlew, 5 Common Tern were amongs the Gulls, and the Little owl was showing on the chimney


Jason K said...

Hi Craig. I like the new layout/colour scheme...very professional looking.

Rob.S. said...

Hi Criag , i never get tired looking at med gulls , it just shows how far they can travel , interesting post , oh i like your new layout / colour scheme too !!

midlands birder said...

Cheers Jase and Rob, i was reluctant to add one of the new templates, but it got to the point where the blog just seemed abit bland, so decided to change it.

I know what you mean about Med Gulls rob, i cant get enough of them, always worth a look at, and always a highlight when you see one.