Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Patch Mandarins still going strong

Blackstone was teeming with warblers, both adult, and fledged Juveniles
Our family of Garden Warblers was showing well!!! sitting on top of a hawthorn sunning themselves and preening in the evening light.
2 adult Lesser Whitethroat were our first returning birds of the autumn, and seemingly along a 100 metre stretch of hawthorn hedge a Blackcap was flitting about in ever bush.
A few Common Whitethroat were 'scratching' away in dense bushes.
a male and female Kestrel were perched on the rock face behind the farm.
Chiffchaff's were commonplace with then 'hweet' ing from every suitable patch on the walk.
The walk was uneventful untill we reached the female Mandarin with her 3 chicks, which to say shown superbly would be an understatement.
They were feeding at my feet!!!!

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