Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Sheepwash MEGA (Almost)

A cloudy Rainy day at sheepwash with The Gornal Birder was unprommising, however the spells of clear skys followed by rain had potential to 'drop' something, but other than a flock of around 40 Redpoll which brielfy touched down (there was also another 10 already feeding in the bushes with goldfinch).
I picked out a flock of 6 TEAL near the sand martin bank and later 3 more birds joined (4 m, 5 f) and i was able to video them

A GREEN WOODPECKER was showing on the river bank, allowing good views.

But while we turned around corner a PARAKEET flushed from in front of us!
It lead us a merry chase for a long time, giving only flight views and one brief, distant and badly lit views. I thought i had a ring necked parakeet!
However after a long time, the bird finally gave up and perched upon a bush and ate berrys, that Bill looks abit big, and should ring necked have purple in the wing, mmm, I think i may need to review my videos, so then when at home i quickly got certain it wasnt a hoped for ring necked, so what was it?
The good old google search came out, 'Green Parakeet', non of those were my birds. 'green parakeet with purple in wing'
Alexanderine Parakeet!
Thats the one!
It all seemed so clear in hindsight!
Oh well, its only a Parrot ;P
Certainly brightened up the day though

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