Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Sandwell valley RSPB

A couple of hours spent slowly wandering the paths around forge mill lake, It was quite quiet, but as i havent been to the valley for almost 4 years! i felt like a visit was in order.
In fact i owe alot to Sandwell valley, i picked up almost all the ducks i have seen for the 1st time, i still remember the day when a scopeview (not my scope may i add) had 3 lifers, Shoveler, Teal and Goosander! Yes, that bad!
However, for all the 'Common' lifers i saw, i was extremly happy on my first visit one august day many moons ago, to see a Black-tailed Godwit feeding in the marsh with 5 Green sandpipers, I thought it was a mega!, But saying that, i ticked Godwit and sandpipers before i had a Lapwing!
How far i have come!
But anyways:
Like i said, birdwise it was quiet, so i took a few video's of a few commons around the lake, including some bird i ticked here years ago:

A Shoveler, still a gorgeous duck:

And a Lapwing: however quite common, i still end up watching them, particuarly when their flying around on a freezing winters day 'wheezing' with there huge flappy wings!;

We walked around to the remains of the old visitor centre, such a shame to see it in the state it was, maybe the price to pay for having an urban reserve which is so open to the public?
However, he is the view looking from where the visitor centre once stood:
Highlight of the visit was hearing a WILLOW TIT, however, a repeat visit is needed to get this on the year list!
7 female/Juv GOOSANDER were on the river, A pair of Gadwall were on the lake, as was c10 Shoveler and the same amount of Teal, as we were leaving we noted the flock of Goosander roosting on the lake.

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