Thursday, 6 October 2011

Sheepwash mega!

Again, an after 6th form visit to Sheepwash urban park was in order, with my co-sheepwash patcher the GORNAL BIRDER (with his new blog).
As we were walking around the pool it became obvious that there wasnt much of note, however while scanning near the 'sand martin bank', i picked out a duck.
An eclipse drake WIGEON!
we decided to head around to the raised patch where we were treated to much closer views with the light behind us, giving great photo and video opporotunities!

It was the first i have ever seen at the park, and a very nice addition,

However, the only other birds of note were 3 Female TEAL, which somehow always were on the other side of the pool where ever we were standing!


Jason K said...

They are scarce on my patch too Craig. I have only ever seen one Wigeon on Captains Pool.

Smart looking birds though...we take them for granted when we see them on mass at other locations

midlands birder said...

Tbh jase, there proberbly my favovorite duck, and i do like to see them anywhere.
But i agree with what you say, they are hard birds to get at certain places, and we all take them for granted when we see 2000+ in a flock at slimbridge (although that number is quite mindblowing).
I have only ever seen 1 wigeon on my actual patch, and now one at my 2nd 'west midlands' patch.
Great birds that are truily underrated, like so many other birds!
MB said...

Really nice duck the wigeon....i have seen it a few times only..
Nice day.

Rob Stokes said...

Hi MB , i agree they are really smart ducks to see in almost any plumage
all the best

midlands birder said...

Thankyou for both your comments.
Wigeon is a really good duck, and totally underrated.
saying that though, so many birds are underrated, blue/great tit for example, stunning little birds, just common as muck!

Gornal birder said...

Very nice pics and videos MB, and a beautiful bird for the patch, and as we noticed it is a large duck compared to others, which is something that we do not appreciatte in large flocks, as well as what Jason K said about their beauty
Well Done!

Gornal Birder

midlands birder said...

Cheers andy, i hope you have fixed your typo's on your blog ;P