Tuesday, 18 October 2011


I dont want to talk about this day, so i wont, and local's may suss why!
Here are some Gadwall's:



Jason K said...

I didn't even bother going to watch the Barred Warbler be released Craig. County first or not...I cannot get any fulfilment out of watching a bird be released...itjust feels a bit plastic to be honest.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-ringing , it has its place and some useful data is gained from it over the years....it's just turning up to tick a captured bird (flying off or not) just doesnt feel right to me.

So don't beat yourself up over not seeing it mate...it rea;lly is no loss!

midlands birder said...

Tbh, i arnt that bothered that i didnt see it, even if i did it wouldnt go on my list because it was handeled.
I just CBA to write about spending 2 hours looking for it after the release and seeing nothing.

It may still be a rare bird, but are you going to enjoy seeing it in someones hand, i agree with you, proberbly not, i would rather see it skulking about in a hawthorn bush.