Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Upton warren

A drop in at the moors pool, revealed a very 'gully' session, as a large flock of Gulls had taken over the pool, amongst the flock was 4 Herring:

3 1st Winter COMMON GULLS;

amongst the usual large quantities of BHG and LBBG.
However, the star bird of the evening goes to a female PINTAIL which flew in and circled the pool before settling and swimming towards us with a flock of mallards (they are good for something!)

This bird was very good at hiding, and often dissapeared for periods of up to an hour! eventually however, all people on site got to see it,

Also of note was an eclipse male WIGEON, at dusk, 2 GREEN SANDPIPER flew in and landed in amys marsh.

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