Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Chelmarsh Res.

Like i explained when the Arctic skua was around here, i found this place for the first time and i quickly thought it could become one of 'my' birding haunts, and without knowledge on any good birds we headed over there to have a look, and hopefully see a few 'winter' ducks.
Saying that, i was actually quite saddened that only tufted duck and 4 WIGEON were the only birds that represented this type, i had also hoped that the large greylaf flock would harber a 'wild' goose, but the entire goose flock had gone!
30 odd lapwing were on the dam. there wasnt much doing on the water, so we walked the hedges, untill be struck gold, a particualr strech of bush held lots of birds. 5 YELLOWHAMMER including one gorgeous male was showing

As this is usually a bird i always seem to miss, was quite happy to see them, the birds associated with 10+ Reed Buntings, as well as a multitude of finches, including a flock of 40+ flighty Linnet, 5 Redpoll sp flew over, and 5 Siskin was in the small birch trees near the hide at the north end, it was quite odd to hear skylark singing on such a cold, despite bright and sunny day.
2 Marsh tit were seen along the enterance road to the sailing club as was 2 Treecreeper in a mixed tit flock.
The large flock of roosting gulls that was present just before we left was looking into the sun, so, other than a quick look through, i didnt really 'grill' them.
On the roads coming away i spotted a very large flock of gulls in a roadside field, we pulled over and i had a scan through them.
400 odd Gulls, all every single one was either a LBBG or a BHG, not even a herring!
However, in the same field, was also c30 Pheasant, and 6 RED-LEGGED PARTRIDGE.


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