Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Red-Breasted Mergansers

After hearing news of 2 RED BREASTED MERGANSERS at Fens Pool's at about Midday i was quite annoyed that i couldnt go straight there, with my dad picking me up later to go back over to stourport.
But as luck would have it, with about 30 mins untill dark, my dad arrived, and we made the short journey to Fens Pool's, Middle Pool to be specific!
We parked in the car park and i had a quick scan, the far end of the pool was already in darkness and you couldnt see much, but there wasnt any Merganser like shapes, so i scanned along the bank, going through a tufted duck flock i layed my eyes on 2 1st winter Drake RED-BREASTED MERGANSERS, i immidiatly got the scope and took a few videos in the now almost non existant light!

The Video and videograbs show just how dark it was, only around 10 Minuites before you could just see the bush in front of you!
Anyway, a Happy twitch :)
A nice 'tick' for the West mids region!


Dean said...

Hi, MB. Many thanks for becoming the latest follower of my blog. Very much appreciated.
I`ve added you to both my followed blogs & my blog list.
All the best & good birding.

midlands birder said...

My pleasure Dean :) Always looking for wildlife blogs to follow :)
I will add you to my Birding links