Tuesday, 1 November 2011


As a long staying Spoonbill had taken up residence from the zeiss hide we decided to head down there to maybe catch my bogey bird, we planned the trip for the wednesday!
On the tuesday night i found out the spoonbill was still there, and also a Pied wheatear had been found not far away, mmmm.
While heading down there in the early morning, i noticed on the @Slimbridge_wild twitter site that the spoonbill was still there.
We went straight for the Zeiss hide, but after a single scan of the area, No spoonbill, 'I know where this is going!'
Yes, once again i dipped a spoonbill!
However, i cant compain because a Juv CURLEW SANDPIPER was showing from the hide with the Lapwing flock:

An AVOCET had also taken up residence, which was nice to see as it had been some times since the upton birds had departed! A single GREENSHANK was in the far corner with around 1000 TEAL!
A large flock of about 300-400 GOLDEN PLOVER flew over south.
After spending some time here hoping the bird white bird with a spoon as a bill would fly back in (it didnt) we decided to look around, Maybe it flew off to another part of the reserve?
Errr, No, so yeah!
Other than the flock of 87 BLACK-TAILED GODWIT on the south lake, it was quiet here.

The TEAL here were showing well!

We then had a quick look in the Rushy Pen, and saw the 3 BEWICKS SWAN that were fresh in after a couple of days, and as always, showing very well!

The usual winter flock of PINTAIL was also showing well, but not looking amazing, with most of the birds being in 85% 'normal' plumage, I guess i will wait untill the winter to get a video of a full plumaged drake.

Then heading up to the Holden tower we had a look on the feeders, and a female Great spot woodpecker was showing.

From the tower, a flock of 31 EURASIAN WHITE FRONTED GEESE were showing well! and it was the closest i have seen the flock here! They eventually flew off towards the Zeiss hide, where they landed!

Then, we decided to head back around the reserve for a 2nd check for the 'Big white bird with the spoon for a bill', A check of the South lake revealed a single adult COMMON GULL which was showing nicely!

And a look at the Zeiss revealed much the same as before!
So then, i was feeling twitchy!
Lets move south!

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