Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Patch birding, Hangers on.

Here we are, a couple of day before the start of November, Summer a distant memory, No more Warmth, no more Cuckoo's, Swallows or Swifts, the Icons of Summer.
Bring on the Winter i say, i want it to snow! For selfish Patch reasons really, but i am genuinly looking forward to the winter!

But anyway, Here i was Stamping my Patch, I decided to walk south this time, to check up on the Gadwall lake, which i havent been to for some time.
There was abit of Vismig in the morning after the light fog had cleared, Mostly consisting of Skylarks, but with many Redpoll and Meadow Pipits intermixed.
I decided to walk about a hundred metres off my usual walk past the Baisins in the town centre, i usually just walk straight down the river as quick as possible to get past the crowds in the town centre, but as i was early, there was nobody about, and less and less people visit now its getting colder!
But i had a walk along the shore of the 'Big Baisin', had a check through the small amount of Gulls, but there was little else of interest, one day i will see something good here! However, i was truily shocked wher i heard a 'chittering' noise coming from above, a reminder of Summer, as a (presumably) juvenile SWALLOW flew over!, I didnt get really exited, but tbh, any 'late' summer bird is quite good, and this easilly beats my last 'latest date'.
The fact of the matter is, these summer migrants are staying longer, and we are getting more hangers on. so dont think were out of summer yet!
I continued downriver, saw a few Tit flocks flitting about.
Later in the day, i walked upriver to Blackstone, and i was shocked when i saw a seasonal MEGA! a winter adult LITTLE GREBE was feeding on the river, as with the swallow, this bird is not expected to be here at this time of year, only generally appearing later on in late december/january! It quickly swam to the opposite bank and dissapeared amongst the overhanging willows.
In contrast to the last few visit's, A female MANDARIN was presant, but in regularity with the summer, GOOSANDERS were still presant, with 2 female types (i think the 2nd bird is a juv, or at least 1st year)
The first Female GOOSANDER was showing on a fallen tree.

While the second was showing much closer just south of the road bridge, allowing me to get some headshot footage

A MARSH TIT calling was my first on the patch this autumn, having not witnessed any breeding behaviour this year.

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