Wednesday, 4 April 2012

When we go down to the wood's today?

Me and the 'Gornal Birder' had decided a trip to a woodland was in order. S we went to secret site in Staffordshire.
We knew about the roosting Tawney Owl, and he was quickly seen, photographed, admired, then left alone.

We then moved onto another section of the wood, where a pair of LITTLE OWL's have recently taken up residence, the views were decent, but into the sun. GB manadged to get this shot of the pair together, lucky B#**&*d
However, despite the Owly destractions, we had more elusive things to locate!
We quickly got 2 species of Woodpecker, Green and GSW. and unusually, a female Green Woodpecker decided to stay perched on a branch while we got some photo's.

We moved to another area our target had been seen in, and as luck would have it, a hour or so after, we had a drumming male LESSER-SPOTTED WOODPECKER, however, only very briefly, and within 10 seconds, it had gone, just as quick as it arrived!
After waiting for longer, the LSW wasnt seen or heard again, so we moved to Penn common, to see if the Firecrest (s) were still around, we didnt see them, but a calling Tawney owl was the 2nd for the day, and then something caught my eye out in the horse paddocks.
A stunning male WHEATEAR!
My earliest bird BY FAR! A whole month earlier infact!, the bird strutted around, flashing its 'White Arse' (where the birds name originates from) shamelessly, a nice find, that just topped off the day!

All in all a good day, a few year ticks, including one that is getting harder to get!


Jason K said...

A good day out was had by the sounds of it. I know that wood and I know Lesser Spots are present there but as of yet I havnt been able to connect with one there

midlands birder said...

A very good time, but i always struggle with woodland birding.
I had up to date info on where the LSW's were so i headed there, its away from the normal area's, and isnt used much (if at all), but ive spent days here without seeing anything, so to get lucky first time was great!