Monday, 23 April 2012

BIG Staff's day out

6/04/12 A Planned trip to Cannock Chase on the Friday turned out to be a very good decision!
A Common Crane was found nearby in Stafford, and the temptation was quickly forfilled.

We chose to visit the COMMON CRANE first as they have abit of a habit of flying off in the early morning, so we got there, walked the Canel towpath down to the crowd, and there it was, a magnificent, stunning Common Crane!
The bird was showing well, although abit far away for photos (for me anyway), but Scope views were amazing!
The bird fed unpreturbed at the back of the Field for the entire visit.

Unfortunatly, i did have a minuite long video of the Crane, however, it seems i have deleted it, and after many attempts to try and refind/Regain it, everything has failed, so you'll have to do with the 11 Second video (However, a Hare runs across at the end)

My attention then turned onto the pair of garganey that had been seen. Amazingly, they had chosen a small water filled ditch that ran through the field, hardly 'prime' Garganey habitat. And viewing was proving difficult as there was ony a couple of area's where the bank dropped low enough to be able to see into the ditch.
After abit however, the birds appeared at the edge of the Reeds, coming to the near edge, giving stunning views!
A stunning pair of GARGANEY, the best views ive ever had!

Then we moved to Cannock Chase, prime targets looking for Deer.
In one of the Valleys it was immensly quiet, as the weather by now had turned pritty shite, clouds rolled in and you could feel rain in the air, however, a pair of STONECHAT were giving decent views, and i was able to get some Photo's

We did end up seeing 16 Fallow Deer on exiting the car park!

As it was still quite early, we then decided to have a quick check of the south end of Chasewater, which produced a year tick in the form of a flock of 30c SAND MARTIN, However, highlight by far was seeing a gathering of 6 RED DEER feeding out on the exposed shore at the north end through thr scope, magnificent creatures!

As it was 'on the way home' we dropped into Stubbers Green, where there was still a fair few large gull's perched up on thr shoreline (400c!), this even supprised me, within the flock, there was 10 GBBG. A single Oystercather stood asleap on the bank throughout, leaving me with my last tick of the day.


2 comments: said...

Nice bird day, the garganeis always a joy to have in your local patch!
Saludos from Spain!

midlands birder said...

Thankyou, Garganeys are superb birds!