Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Upton Warren

A start to my evening visits to Upton on a saturday night were rewarded with stunning views of a couple of my favorite Waders.
The LRP's have returned, and were represented by 4 birds, not in full breeding plumage yet, but its great to see them back for another year, and to watch their skirmishes as they chase each other around the flashes.
Also showing 'In close' was this gorgeous male Lapwing, a stunning bird, and a great bird to watch, and it remains with us throughout the year, however, at this time of year, the birds are getting frisky, and its great to watch their ariel acrobatics as they swoop and flap around the flashes, wheazing as they go!
Also, a nice suprise was that the Barnacle Goose remained on the patch.

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