Tuesday, 17 April 2012


To start off my run on blog posts over the coming days, i appologise for my lack of posting over the last few month's, and a complete ending over the last couple of weeks.
Anyone who has been and done that whole 'higher education' thing, or indeed anyone who is induring it, will know that time can be abit scarce between Homework, Essays and Exams, and of the limited time i have had avaliable, i have been getting out as much as i can, and spending the remaining time with loved ones. Therefore Blogging has taken abit of a back seat, and it will continue for the next month or so untill i complete my Exams at the end of may.

Hopefully you guys will still keep coming back and keep commenting, its you that keeps me running this blog (as well as a personal note on my birding adventures that i will proberbly forget in the future), and i hope you can last the time untill i can post regularly again.

Remember, good things come to those who wait :P

Cheers all


Jason K said...

It's not a problem Craig...it's good to hear that you have got your priorities right. You've got a lifetime of birding ahead of you...it doesn't matter if it and blogging takes a back seat for a while.

I look forward to reading your up coming posts

Anonymous said...

I`m having a similar problem, Craig. But it`s work related tiredness amongst other things, that`s getting in my way.

midlands birder said...

Cheers for you support guys :)