Monday, 23 April 2012

South Staffs


Another day in search of Lesserpeckers at the 'secret' Staffs site, needless to say, 4 hours later, and we didnt have a wiff of a bird, no drumming, no calling, and no sightings, however a male Green Woodpecker was showing well.
We also saw the Tawney Owl again, however the Little Owls seemed to be roosting inside the tree where they usually are.

After this, We then moved onto Penn common, so we could check the Paddocks, A single male Wheatear was showing in fields adjacent to a main road, but otherwhys it was generally quiet.



Jason K said...

I've been birding locally for the last 16 years now Craig and I have never known so few Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers locally as there are now. Even at known sites they are becoming more tricky...leading me to think there are even fewer pairs around!

midlands birder said...

I've been birding for less years than you (10 years) and i too have noticed the decline, many pairs have dissapeared from the 'guarenteed' sites that i used to see them at.
Shame really, cause there a really good bird to see!