Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Entering spring

I have never got to April without having seen a Hirudine, Every year in the past i have seen either of the 3 by this time, usually Sand Martin, however, this year i hadnt caught up with any up untill this point.
I Started my walk by checking to see if the Barnacle Goose was still there, and it was. I took a few photos with the new camera that im using temporeraly:
I then moved onto the river, and while just walking up to it at the Sand Martin field, a flock of 3 Mandarin (2 Drk) flew north upriver, my first of the year on the patch.
Moving further north, i stopped at the riverside fields to watch Skylarks when suddenly 2 Hirudines flew across my view.
A pair of SWALLOW, my first for the year, they quickly flew north however, without stopping.
A little bit of movement today resulted in a few Meadow Pipits and Skylarks overflying the patch.
I had hoped Blackstone would have held something good, but after giving it much time scanning the hedges and the rockface, i didnt find anything.
Although this Wren had me baffled untill i saw it singing, Has anyone heard this song variation before?

Blackcaps were now back in very good numbers at the northen area of the patch, and i got this photo of a stunning male!


Rob Stokes said...

Hi MB , no i have not heard a Wren doing that call before , the way it was fluttering its wings at the same time makes me think it was displaying to try an attract a female ?? , good interesting post .

midlands birder said...

Well im glad someone else hasnt heard that song/call before!
Ive seen Wren flickering its wings like that before while singing, just the song had me confuzed :P