Wednesday, 14 March 2012



A nice text to wake up to in a morning is that a rare bird has been found nearby, however, it is odd to say the least as to the location of where this one was found.
Saturday is a busy day for us, so we headed out early to hopefully connect with the bird quickly!

Warndon, Worcester.
I found myself standing on a cycle path wedged between a housing estate and a main road, and as i walked up to the crowd, i was informed that it had just been seen again, and after abit, the bird was feeding in view in an overhanging tree (tree just to right of centre in photo), and was showing well, I though i may as well try to get some Digi-scoped photo's, so i went back to the car to get my scope.
Came back and the bird was still up in 'its' tree (in the entire 1 1/2 hours i spent here, the bird spent 95% of its 'in view' time in this tree), however i struggled to get any photos and the bird soon dissapeared.
A wait ensured, but it was again relocated in the tree, but again i was struggling!
At least the crowd was easier to photograph!

After abit, the bird reappeared, and this time i struck lucky, getting a single photo with the bird in the frame!

That photo made me happy :)

All i ask with my photo's is that they are recognisable, and this one is good to me :)

Times like these make you realise that birds can, and do turn up anywhere, at anytime, and often under odd circumstances (The bird was found while a birder was checking a Moth trap!).
So there you go folks, get out there and look!

Oh, and for your infomation, funnily enough, this was my first Warbler species of the year!! A good start may i say so, and this was quickly followed by my 2nd warbler tick of the year, when a female Blackcap appeared!



Jason K said...

Glad you managed to see the bird Craig...not that regular in Worcestershire

I saw the rather elusive one at Upton in 2003 (2 hours waiting in the ed reserve for it to come through with the long-tailed tits and show well for little over a minute).

I had much better views of one in Norfolk in Autum 2010 at Warham Green. I had only gone there to look for roosting Hen Harrier but walked into a mini twitch that was happening there. Spoke to a birder there and told him that we stumbled on the twitch by chance and he said to me " so you dont know about the Pallas's Warbler a couple of hundred yards down the way?" I did now and got crippling views of that too...I guess that's what you call a lucky day!

Anonymous said...

Some record that, Craig, regards Yellow-browed being your first Warbler of the year.

midlands birder said...

Jase- It is a jewel of a bird, and got the status to match.
Im glad you go the bird also jase :)
MMM, thats one of my dream birds Palla's Warbler, so to have both on the same path would have just been Epic!

It is funny, the first warbler i see being the rarest i may see this year!