Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Chelmarsh res suprise!


Having heard that an Iceland Gull had rosted here a few nights previously, and with Glauc been seen at other Shropshire sites, i decided a roost watch may be in order!
Having walked around to the hide, i met another birder, who told me that the TUNDRA BEAN GOOSE was still on the reservour! a month had passed with no news, and it was still there!
I took this oporotunity, and walked to the north end, and finding the BEAN GOOSE swimming on the water with the Greylag flock! however after about a minuite, it flew out with the Greylags to feed in fields that are unviewable!
Also at the north end was 2 drake Wigeon, a flcok of Tufted Duck and a very large flock of GOOSANDER (Around 60 on Res)
Despite this suprise, having seen Bean Goose for the 2nd time, the roost failed to produce anything other than a couple of GBBG.

(Bean Goose on 17/02/12)

While driving out, a Little owl was near some barns



euthymic said...

Very nice shot. Looks like you had a productive day:)

midlands birder said...

Thankyou :)