Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Another Patch First!!

My dad had reported seeing a BARNACLE GOOSE on the patch.

I was told my dad had seen the bird again that morning, so was ferried off to the site for a patch first twitch!
When we got there it was just going dark, but i quickly found the BARNACLE GOOSE feeding with the Canadas next to a small lake. Yet another Patch first, my 3rd of the year so far.
The birds obviously wild credentials ment i stayed a distance from the bird, however, the bird often walked down 30ft from where i was with my Scope :P A very confiding 'wild' individual.

Still, a stunning bird to have on the patch, and a nice addition to the list. It certainly put a smile on my face, and for some time to come!


Jason K said...

Barnacle Goose, feral breeders or not, are still a welcome patch tick Craig!

Martyn Yapp said...

You notice I have not commented, I am a reformed man.

midlands birder said...

Yes they are jase, Barnacle Goose now has a 'self sustaining breeding population' so are worthy to count :)

Mart- You are reformed, havent seen a metion of the 'P' word in months!