Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Return to Upton Warren

A large debadical had been seen at upton over the winter, for a few issues, so i stayed away, added to also by the fact that the Bitterns did not return!
However, after only a couple of visits over the winter, it was good to be back at the warren today to see some Upton specialities! and also to 'Twitch' the new hide!

Starting at the Moors, i saw a flock of Cormorants, and in that flock was a 'Sinensis' race bird, check out that 90' angle!

2 Oystercatcher were also here, but otherwhys it was quiet, so i walked through the education reserve to the flashes. Where i saw my target birds.

The AVOCET's have returned!

It was great to see and hear them again after such a long winter for many of the 'Uptonites'

A Lapwing was showing quite nicely also!

I stayed untill dark, and got to see th Avocets trying to roost. I say trying becacuse they were constantly harassed by BHG's.

However, i was also treated to some amazing views of a pair of Teal and a pair of Gadwall!



Joseph Nichols said...

Hi Craig,

Glad local patch bird has treated you well recently and great to see that Avocets have returned locally, lovely birds that we barely see anything of up this way! Also well done on that sinensis Cormorant, still haven't seen one with that diagnostic 90 degree gular pouch.

All the Best and enjoy your blog very much as always,


midlands birder said...

Thankyou Joseph
Its that time of year when things are moving and things returning for the summer, so hopefully more to come!
Good luck with the 'Contenental' Cormorant!