Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Patch and Garden


A 4 hour stomp of the patch was quite unrewarding, with very little to get even slightly exited about, A Goldcrest here, A Nuthatch there:

The Garden has been more interesting, with now daily flocks of varying sizes of both Lesser redpoll and Siskin:



Jason K said...

It may have been a fairly unrewarding patch walk Craig but I'm sure it wont be in another weeks time when you should get ChiffChaff and Sand Martin.

Still atleast you could go back to Lesser Redpolls and Siskins on your feeders. I can but dream of such things in my garden! ;-)

midlands birder said...

I am looking forward to the arrival of the summer birds, cant wait to get back to my friday walks past the warbler 'hotspot' of Blackstone!
It is Great to get the birds we do in our garden, Its great to have them so close and does cheer me up when its quiet out on the patch!
one day jase, one day :P
You've had waxwing in your garden, so you have one up on me, but have seen Waxwings from the Garden though, which is just as well, because i count birds seen 'from' my garden as a tick :)