Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Start to 2012!

The first bird on the year list was a Robin singing at 4:35am in the glow of a streetlamp

On 2/01/12 when i got back to my dad's, i was quite looking forward, due to my dad having reported some Goodies on the feeders over the last few days! I had a look in the garden for about an hour from first light untill we headed down to Slimbridge.
However, the Brambling my dad had seen did not come back in, only the flock of 10c Chaffinch, However, i was left bemused at around 9am when 2 'pigeons' flew into the garden, one a standard Woodpigeon, but the other a gorgeous adult STOCK DOVE! in the garden, i had my Digi-scoping setup by the window already (I'd been photographing redpolls earlier) but the bird flew off before i manadged to get anothing on it, only the 2nd Stock dove thats ever been in the garden!
I was happy that our finch flcok had started building up for the late winter (our finches usually come into the garden in late january-Early February), and with the 20c Goldfinch, 4 Greenfinch and 10 Chaffinch were a flock of 6 Lesser Redpoll's (although one was quite 'Grey'-The first photo- Idea's? Note Lesser redpoll also on feeder for comparison), The Redpoll's shown On/off in the early morning, but by the time some good light was shining onto the feeders the Redpoll's had done a dissapearing act!



Anonymous said...

Well done on your garden Stock Dove, Craig. I regularly get a pair (and with young) feeding on my seed table. Smart looking birds, they are.

Jason K said...

You jammy so and so Craig getting all those Redpoll on the feeders.

In my opinion the greyish bird is just a pale Lesser. They are a very variable species some are really golden brown others quite drab grey pale in my experience. I dont think this bird is pale enough for mealy and not white enough on the rump (although browner mealys can occur). There doesnt look much size difference either. mealys tend to be a little larger than Lessers. Hope this helps

midlands birder said...

Dean, Its unusual to get anything other than Woodeies (pigeonwise)in my garden, so really happy, Stock doves are so much better than Woodies (In my opinion!)

Jase- Luckly living where i am!, dont suppose redpoll's are all too common in Kiddie town tbh :)

I thought so too, hence why i didnt put news out, ive seen paler birds, but ive seen photo's of birds like this reported as Mealy, i just thought i'd see what anyone else thinks, general concensus is LesserPoll, But not too Gutted, Had 3 Records of Mealy in the garden!!