Thursday, 19 January 2012


Jason from the Shenstone Birder again hit it lucky when he Re-located the 1st winter Bean Goose, about 10 miles to the west from its origional location.
I was releaved to hear news every day that the Goose was still present in fields at Chelmarsh, and on the Friday, i knew that was where i was heading the next day, But with my luck with these Geese of late being little over dire, i remained open to thoughts it wouldnt be there!
I had already briefed my dad that as we drive along the country lane if i shout 'Geese' then can he stop ASAP!
Well it didnt take long, and a few hundred metres after turning off the main road i shouted 'GEESE'
Down in the field by the waters edge was a flock of about 250+ Geese, about half and half between Canada and Greylag, However I quickly spotted the 'odd one out' and was soon taking photo's of my first TUNDRA BEAN GOOSE!
Although abit too far off for photo's, it shown well through the scope, always on the 'front' edge of the flock. I was actually strook by how distinctive it was within the flock, in contrast to what has been told to me about 'grey' Geese. I supppose if it was with Pink-foots it would be alittle harder, but with Greylags, Easy Peezy!
I cranked the Camera Zoom up for the closer photo's to try and get the orange spot on the bill, hence the terrible quality!
And i took a video of the bird preening in front of the flock.

I passed out the news the Bird was still there, and we headed off to the Res to try and see if the Diver was still here.
It wasnt!
And that was confirmed a few days ago, when another birder drew a blank on the diver, has it gone?
A large flock of Gulls had started forming on the dam, and 4 seperate 'watches' of the flock didnt reveal anything other than 6 GBBG.
A marsh tit was heard in the woodland. and a flock of 17 GOOSANDER was on the water.
I decided to use the hedge as cover and get closer to the geese, but with the sun behind the flock, and undulations in the field meaning half the flock wasnt on view, it didnt look good for the Bean Goose!
However, i was glad to see that with the 50c Greylags that could be seen proppely, the TUNDRA BEAN GOOSE was among them!
Although not very close (Photo's required alot of cropping), i manadged to get better photo's of the Goose, albiet into the light!
Im so glad im happy with a 'record' shot.

We didnt stay for the 'Full' roost, because i had to be at my Girlfriends house, but we very quickly dropped into the 'North end' to see if the diver was up there, Again a blank, But i was glad to get a site tick, a single female GOLDENEYE, and a female Wigeon in a quick 20 second stop!
Also had an added bonus of seeing 5 Red-legged Partridge along the track on the way out!
All in all, a Good visit, and Chelmarsh is still getting 'the goods'
I'll be back for more, and you never know, i may actually find something! Eventually!


John said...

Well done on your first Bean Goose, a lovely `grey` goose.

midlands birder said...

Thankyou John