Thursday, 26 January 2012

Eyemore and Trimpley

As trimpley is the capital for Crossbills in Worc's, if not the midlands me and may dad decided to have a look up there as its only up the road, and with a few easy year ticks, it was one of those 'Mop up' Visits.
We parked in the Lower car park, and immidiatly on stepping out of the car, i heard a Crossbill calling in the tree's adjacent to me, i looked, but couldnt see it.
Suddenly however, a huge finch flock of 30c Siskin, 30c Goldfinch and a few Redpolls emerged from the larches where they soon settled again, but what also flown out was a flock of 9 CROSSBILL.
We quickly located the birds feeding in tree's just behind the row adjoining the road, and were showing quite well, despite being high up.

After about 30 Mins, we walked through the Wood down to the River, where we walked to the 'other end' of Trimply (from the Arley side), We quickly Picked up a multitude of Goosander's, Counting 13 by the time we turned off to check the Reservour.
Some of the Goosanders were showing well, Including this Stunning drake!

Amazingly, we walked the entire length of this stretch of river without seeing a sinlge Mandarin! which is highly unusual for this section of the river, which is famed for them being here!
However, i was releaved when, on scanning the 'baby' pool, i spotted a Drake and a female Mandarin sitting under the overhanging tree's, also on the pool however, was a female Goosander, which was showing very well!

As it was still early (about 3pm), we headed back up to the car, for a rest before coming back down to check the gull 'pre-roost' before they fly off upriver to Chelmarsh.
We again had a look for the Crossbills in the Wood, and this time, they were very mobile and hard to track down, and in 30 mins we only got quick flight views of the flock!
Again, we headed down to the Reservour, and i sat on the bench overlooking the 'Big' pool, however, 7 Goosanders were now on the small pool, and the Mandarins were still there.

An hour in freezing cold winds looking at the Gulls produced a flyover Common Gull, and ultimatly, a adult YELLOW-LEGGED GULL! it touched down for about 2 seconds with a small flock of BHG, but soon took off with its companions, However, my hoped for 'White-winged' didnt drop in!

When i got back, i had some inspiration, so i drew a Drake Goosander, even annotated it if you couldnt tell :P


Jason K said...

Its great that the Crossbills are again present at Eymore Craig...although the numbers do seem variable from year to year.

I went on Tuesday afternoon and also saw 9 (4♂) in the Larches next to the top carpark..there a bird I never tire of seeing...I may have to pop back again soon!

Pam said...

You did well with the birds, images and videos. Nice one Craig!

Marc Heath said...

A well caught Crossbill shot, you don't often see that or at least I don't in Kent. A good read.

midlands birder said...

Jase- It is quite nice for them to be back, even if in smaller numbers than i have seen there, but they are great birds!
I saw your blog post on them, nice to have a quick drop in to see them between places to be, just shows how easy they are to get at Eyemore when they are there!

Pam- Thankyou, I actually wished i could've done better with the Crossbill video, but they flew off after i got that and didnt see them landed again, another time maybe!

Marc- Again thankyou, i was quite supprised to see them feeding each other, and quite happy to get a photo of it, im presuming the male (1st winter maybe) is feeding the female on the right for courtship?