Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Sheepwash has the Good's!

An after 6th form visit with the 'Gornal Birder' at first left us bemused! after seeing flock's of Pochard over the last visits, we were suprised to see that every single bird in the flcok had dissapeared, and there wasnt a single bird on site! and there was only 5 Tufted Duck! However, that was a nice flock of 7 GOOSANDER on the Pool (5 more flew over) (5 Drk, 7F), we walked around to the raised path, and i spotted a small flock of Teal sitting on the bank on the other side of the Pool, had a scope view of them so Andy could see, when he shouted a Wader has just popped out!
I looked though the scope and saw a COMMON SNIPE there! Our first ever at the park!, an expected patch first!
We continued around to the Chemical pool for the Gulls, and this turned out ot be a good idea!
I had a quick scan across the pipe and came across a large, Black backed gull!
i was watching a GREAT-BLACK BACKED GULL! and not only that, there was 5 of them perched on the pipe!
I took some time to get some video and photo's as this was the closest ive been to a GBBG since having my new camera.

With LBBG for comparision.

After my fill, and leaving without a 'white-winger' we headed throught the mound tunnel towards the Marshy pools where the Shoveler was last time!
Imagine my shock when as the pool opened out in front of us, i spotted a female duck again! The female SHOVELER was still here, and this time, she stopped on the pool for me to get a photo.
With the light going quite quickly, we decided to head back home.
All in all a nice visit!


Anonymous said...

Aint it just great when you have a good patch day ? Nice one, Craig.

Birderwolf said...

Nice selection MB

Jason K said...

What a great day at an urban patch...just shows that anything can turn up

Bob Bushell said...

Brilliant images.

midlands birder said...

Dean- Patch Birding is awsome when you have a good day, the best birding in my book!
Cheers Mark :)
Jase- Yes, considering being in the middle of Birmingham, Sheepwash does have its supprises!
Thankyou Bob, but nothing to rival yours!