Tuesday, 17 January 2012


As the Garden is within the boundries of the patch, this whole post will be as the 'patch'.
The feeders are still slow going, attracting a small number of Finches (20c), mostly Goldfinch and Chaffinch, with smaller numbers of both Lesser Redpoll and Greenfinch, we have yet to attract any Siskin yet, which should be here in 50+ flocks by next month!
In Contrast to the last time i saw them, only 1 Lesser Redpoll came down, but it was in the middle of the day, and therefore, i could get a better video! I still can improve on this video, and i hope to as the winter progresses!

So, after a bit of Photography in the Garden, i wandered out onto the Patch, i walked north, towards Blackstone. I had noticed the river was very high, and was hoping the river had broken its banks across the Grass field adjacent to the Blackstone Caravan site.
While walking up, i was supprised to see the small pool forming on the Riverside fields, I havent seen this happen for a few years, and therefore am looking forward to it (hopefully) expanding, while it may only look like a 60ft long puddle, It could bring a few good birds, particuarly if the other fields flood aswell, when we could be 'in the running' for a Wigeon or a Teal, maybe even some Waders!
The River had broken its banks and had created a small flood 'plain', Again, while not looking much for most people, this is a heavenly sight for me! Ducks gather here when the water is high as it gives them a current free place to rest, while not having as much potential as the Riverside fields, i had been within 20tf of a Goosander here, and there is always a chance that Mandarins might come and take a rest, and who knows what else!
The Patch was almost birdless, so i walked downriver to the southern edge of the patch. While walking through the town centre i noticed the Mini golf 'field' had flooded, and had a good load of gulls on it, once again, a load of potential! Nothing today though, other than many Skater type Teenagers on the adjacent ramps.
Just below the town centre, and after crossing over the Stour bridge i saw 2 GOOSANDER's sitting on a submerged log, i started snapping away.

And errrr, well thats it, a quiet day on the patch to say the least, but hopefully, some good 'goings on' with the patch's habitats, prehaps leading to a better day soon?
Hopefully I'll be there to find it!


John said...

I would love to get a Lesser Redpoll in my garden, but as yet, nothing! My finches are eating me out of house and home at the moment, but as you, only Chaffinches, Goldfinches and Greenfinches with a couple of Reed Buntings thrown in for good measure!
Always nice to see Goosander!

midlands birder said...

Hi John
Well if you have Finches coming in, then your chances of a Lesserpoll is quite high! they tend to associate alot with Siskin, but so far, the flock in the Garden is attached onto the Golfinch flock, so Keep looking!
I would love to get Reed Bunting in the Garden, but it would be quite unlikely considering where we are :(
They are Great