Monday, 5 January 2009

waxwing twitch upton warren

arrived late because my dad had to escorte my nan into bewdley. got there around 2pm. there were birders lining the sides of the road so it looked good that they were there(there had been 23 reported earlier in the day but only one at mid day).they wernt AGAIN. i found out that a photographer scared it off not long after midday and it wasent seen again. so he(he was wearing a red jacket)denied me and many others the chance of seeing my first thanks.i did have a walk around the education reserve and saw 4 curlew fly over. nothin much else. we returned to the twitch till dusk but there was no sighn so we left feeling anoyed about some selfish people that only think about getting that perfect shot and not caring about the bird or the other observers

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