Wednesday, 14 January 2009

sheepwash again

nice day out.kinda sunny. trying out my camera on the ducks and grebes and i got many waterbird first fot this year.the bird of the day was a teal(nice little male) on pumphouse pool not only my first for the year but my first for the didnt give very good views sitting on ice in the middle if the pool(which was almost covered apart from the southern bank,i think) and was occasionally watched to venture a little further towards us,only about 5 metres but its a little closer.the pochards(18 amazing thats more than i saw at upton warren,god how crazy this lake is,it like a smart car,god i hate them,beating a ferrari,god i love them,it really shouldent happen but it did,not the car part that can never happen)i dont want to write the whole list so heres the highlighs and my first for the year:
little grebe-4
g c grebe-1
bloody duck-1 (thanks for the great name it makes my laugh and if your reading this martyn i do like them even if there plastic)
g b b gull-1
kingfisher-1(great views at about 2 metres on the tame)
greenfinch-2 first noted today so i soppose its my first,and 2 days later i find 24 at lickhill

didnt visit the albright pool no time i was getting phone calls every 5 mins from my mom to get ready to go to my dads before he comes

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