Wednesday, 14 January 2009

brown westhead park, wolverly

trying for the waxies again it should be my last for the holloday.ok so here goes. i was brousing whats about on birdguides.nothing so i looked at the pictures.flashed back to the news and saw 15 waxwings at this park in hawthorns(and a twite at lineholt which is just below stourport). great tell the news to my dad and away we went(its about 2 miles from where we was).we arrived about 5 mins after.ok search sighn.crap.we stuck around for an hour and a bit and it was getting dark so we went to get our weekly shoping and some heart southing gingerbread men and a nice bottle of iron bru(no advertising ment) god ive got to see some soon.

p.s. great a few days ago(11th) there was a report of waxies in bewdley(20 birds) it was a sunday and i could of easily seen them but i didnt check about whats about so my bad.god there so taunting me

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