Saturday, 31 January 2009

the greatist birding day

so i guess your all wondering whats this is about.its about today. its starts around 11:30 this morning when i found a mediteranian gull perched on a rooftop in bewdley.great thats my first this year.then later at around midday i had a look again and had a pair of goosanders fly by great nice this is when it turns into turmoil.on birdguides it said waxies at brownhills and i already know theres a lot of waxies blurred birders advice)away we went.then on the way there along the stourbridge road(a451) there were masses of thrushes. mostly fieldfares.but it contained all regular winter thrushes.then as we approched hagley i was getting ready to look in the supercar showroom on the kiddeminster road(a456)at cross keys junction when i saw a flock of starlings fly in front of us.i watched them land in a tree.christ, they have crests,they have now we had passed the little chef car park where the crested starlings were.i shouted to my dad telling him to stop because id just seen a flock of birds i thought were waxies.god,god,god, we couldent stop.we had to go all the way up to the island and come my brain was arguing itself.were they just starlings with there crown fethers been flufed up by the dad kept asking me 'are you sure'.and every time i answered 95% sure. now we were on our way back and we got stopped by the trafic lights.'will they fly of'' 'oh no there going to fly off'. i was so releved to see the birds perched in the same silver birch tree as when we left.we drove closer towards the car park. christ they are waxwings(lifer 178) .(and i didnt get no good photos because i forgat my camera but i tried some with my phone) a stunning flock of 20 birds. as i was sitting in the front i couldent see i scrambled into the back seats and watched them through my bins and then my scope.god there so beautiful. i could see the 'wax' and every thing.they then flew towards the car(which we was using as a hide) and landed on the hawthorn berries pritty much on the bonnet of the car.and gave stunning other birders were around so i guessed that we had found these birds.i phoned brian stretch(worcester county recorder) and he said he would get in contact with a birder in hagley.he asked me if they were still there and i said yes.but just as i put the phone down they all flew to a popular tree quite a way away but were still visible.and now the birder and what i presumed was his dad told them the news and the birder quickly set up his scope and had a look.they showed in this tree for about 5 mins while another birder arrived.a few minuites later they took flight again but in the direction of us. they cascaded down into the hawthorns again and give stunning views at around 2 meters.a few other birders arrived and we all watched the birds as they edged closer.not at all desturbed by the human one point i heard one birder i only know as 'andy' said that it was the closest hed ever seen them. after a few congrads i started taking notes.wait a minuite why there completly i just watched them.then suddenly they all took flight and were gone in the direction of bromsgrove and they wernt seen again. this all happened from when we first saw them at 1:45pm till they left at 2:40pm. see why i call it my greatist birding day.if not you will when i went to upton warren straight after.but im saving that for another post(not because i cant, its because my arms are starting to ache)


Fiona Barclay said...

Brilliant! What a FAB day. Well done you!

Reg The Birder said...

Can't wait for the rest of the story. Well done on your lifer!