Tuesday, 6 January 2009

local patch

my first birding this year.no highlights.
the list was:
cormorant-3 canadian geese-103 mallard kestrel-1 moorhen b h gull h gull l b b gull woodpigeon g s woodpecker-1 pied wagtail-2 wren-3 dunnock robin song thrush-2 redwing-5 blackbird goldcrest-4 great tit-2 coal tit blue tit l t tits magpie carrian crow starling h sparrow-8 chaffinch goldfinch bullfinch-6(bird of the day)

also while on the idea of my local patch there was an uncomfirmed report of 4 waxwings on january 4th(scipping time a bit) in the top of a tree with starlings by my dad.while i went up the shop to get credit and check out the rowen trees my dad saw these without bins at about 50m range and described them as orange starlins but when he rushed to get his bins they flew off never to be seen again . soon after i arrived back to hear this news. i had walked past the same tree a few minuites before. i did an extensive walk around this area this mourning and only saw a grey wag and 4 starlings(no waxies in there i tripple checked,just shows how much i want to see one)after hearing the news i rushed out again and checked the area top to bottom but no sighn not even a starling.more about my serches for waxies in my next post.

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