Monday, 10 December 2012


A 6th form visit to Keswick in the Lake District to see a showing of 'A dolls house' by Heinrick Ibsen at the 'Thetre by the lake' led to me and the 'Gornal Birder' finding a flock of 17 WAXWINGS in the 'central car park' of the town!. We had some time to spare before the preformance (It was very good btw) so we had a walk along Derwent Water, and into the town. We had a female Goosander and 2 Common Gull from the short walk adjacent to the lake, and a showy Nuthatch which was feeding a mere 2 metres from us!
Moving into the town, we had already completed a circuit before stopping in a shop, on the exit, i heard the distinctive 'trilling' of Waxwings as a flock of about 10 birds took off from a rowen! Calling GB over we rushed around in the direction the birds had flew, and upon reaching the car park, counted 17 Waxwings perched up in the tree's. Awesome!


Pam said...

A good visit all round for you by the sounds of it Craig! Nice one with the Waxwings!

midlands birder said...

It was a fairly nice visit, but would've prefered to have had more time to do some birding! And would've popped down the road for the Golden Eagle, But Waxwings are always great to see, and ive got plenty more Waxwing related posts to follow!