Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Local Waxwings!

After a very uneventful visit to a flooded patch, i recieved news of a small flock of Waxwings that had been found in the next village across. At Chaddersly Corbett.
It didnt take much convincing, and soon after, we were heading over to Rowberrys Nursery.
Without even pulling up it was evident that at least one of the birds was still here, as it was perched up in a small tree adjoining the road. A local 'twitch' had evolved, and the crowd featured the local blogging 'face' of the Doorstep Birder, who quickly informed us that the reported 3 birds had now increased to 8!
And this was justified when the flock of 3 was boosted by a further 5 which flew in from the village direction. The WAXWINGS landed upon an oak, and we were given nice views as they spyed on the small crowd from above. As you would expect, i spent a long time watching my favorite species, and this was followed by much photo taking.

And it was while scanning through the flock that i noticed a bird with the stunning primary pattern of an Adult male! Just look at it! A stunning bird!

The rest of the flock was made up of a mixture of 1st winters and Females, all stunning, but lacking that stunning pattern on the primarys.

The sun occasionally was hidden by clouds.

 But when it came out agian it illuminated the birds very well!


A nice start to the winter of Waxwings that no doubt is about to come! (And as you regular readers will find out) there are alot more to come!


Birderwolf said...

Nice account mate, not sure about the "blogging face" bit though, we can't all be as youthful as your goodself !@)

Jason K said...

A good read Craig and nice photos too! You can't beat these invasion years.

You are right about Birderwolf having a face for blogging though! ;-)

midlands birder said...

Haha, by blogging face I ment the blogging persona of etc etc. your as youthful as you feel mark!
Haha, thats about mean jase ;) Mark doesnt have that bad a face ;)