Monday, 24 December 2012

Happy Christmas

As i sit here, with a mere 20 minuites left of Christmas Eve, i would just like to wish all readers of my blog, new and old a very happy christmas, and an equally jolly new year.

Thankyou for all of you who have taken the time to read, and comment over this past year. The support is much appreciated, particualrly due to my very slack approach to the blog over the 2nd half of the year. Its been a rough ride, but im glad you guys and gals have stuck with it! Hopefully, regular posting will again commence in 2013, as im only a week behind on the blog now, it hopefully wont take up too much time. However, that situation would have been rectified in the next couple of days, if it wasnt for blogger not allowing me to upload photos to my posts, which is farly annoying, and something that hopefully will be fixed soon!

A 'Year ender' post is due early in the new year, so keep a look out for that, as it is the yearly 'beast'.

So thankyou for keeping with it, your continued support is very welcomed!
Good wishes (Dont get to drunk)


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