Saturday, 29 December 2012

More Waxwings!

Yes, yes i know, most of my most recent posts contain the word Waxwing, however, i find them irresistable as a species, and when there is a flock present on the other side of town, you cant help to have a drop in for them.

With no news having emerged from Hartlebury trading estate, we decided to bite the bullet and visit anyway, And it was as we were pulling up to 'Hatts Kitchens' that i quickly noticed a bird perched on top of the adjoining silver birch, and a scrum of photographers/ Birders watching a yellow berried Rowan
Among the group was a few familiar faces. Bob Hart, Phil Parsons ( and Pete Walkden (, all of which have better photos/Videos than me, so check out their sites!

Only 6 WAXWINGS were immidiatly present, but it didnt take long for the flock to increase to 14 birds, as they perched on the high trees, before dropping down onto their favoured yellow berries.

And in doing so gave awesome views!



Findlay Wilde said...

Brilliant shots.

Matt Gibbs said...

Excellent pictures of a lovely bird. Excellent blog too !

kiekismichel said...

Super de pestvogel maar volgende keer proberen om dichter bij te komen zodat de foto`s nog scherper worden, ze zijn niet zo schuw als de meeste denken !

Gr Michel

midlands birder said...

Thankyou Findlay and Matt for your kind comments. There always much appreciated!
Kiekismichel- Thankyou for the advice, but i always take the distance of the bird into account. I believe that the birds should always be given a good distance to avoid any desturbance, and i would always prefer to stay back and get crap photos than possibly flush a bird/s