Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Wyre Forest, Summer Migrants and Breeding birds!

In the interest of the breeding birds involved, i wont be mentioning specific locations on any breeding birds that i find, or have seen on the blog over the coming months. It is simply to protect breeding sites to potential disturbance and/or stealing of birds egg's (Which sadly, does still happen).

At a location within the forest i was able to have great views of a male LESSER-SPOTTED WOODPECKER. Simply by luck we stumbled upon this bird as it fed in tree's and bushes for about 5 minuites around us, which certainly made up for the almost complete lack of birds that we had encountered so far!

One of the best examples of a male 'LesserPecker' your likely to find, it certainly was a privialage to find this bird, in what is, truithfully, a needle in a haystack within a forest as large as the Wyre.
Over the years this bird has become increasingly hard to get, i remember only 5-8 years ago when i could find LesserPecker quite regularly, but its population has had dramatic declines recently, with the Midlands being particularly 'hard hit', a shame really, because a Lesser Spot always brightens the day!

We walked a long way through the woods, picking up summer migrant after summer migrant. I picked up 2 male REDSTART singing which was down on the total i had the same time last year! 3 WOOD WARBLER were singing and also 3 Tree Pipit was seen/heard in the many clearings. 2 male CUCKOO were singing.
Oddly, while walking along a track, we flushed a RED-LEGGED PARTRIDGE! for the brambles next to us, which was an immense supprise, as i have never seen one in here before, nor did i expect to see one!

2 Dipper were also seen visting a nesting site.

A party of 3 Roe Deer ran past us, which was a nice end to the trip!


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