Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Pied Flycatchers

I was lucky enough to hear news on a pair of breeding PIED FLYCATCHER's at an undisclosed site. As i only saw one bird last year, and having not manadged even the crappest photo of one, i was keen to have a look at the site to see if i could find the birds.
While searching, we quickly found a Nuthatch nest, and the adults flight path was quickly learned, so i trained my scope on the spot where they always land on the tree, and soon  after i manadged this pic of a Nuthatch doing what no other british bird can. 'Climb' head first down a tree!
(You can just see the nest enterance next to the birds left foot.

Once the location had been established, the PIED FLYCATCHERS were very easy to find, and stunning views were had as it flitted about between tree's and bushes in search of insects, initially, 2 birds (Male and Female) were visiting the box they were nesting in, and the male of that pair is shown below:

Great views were had as the bird went about its buisness, however, the bird almost constantly stayed in cover, however, for a brieft minuite, the bird appered in the open, and preened, allowing some amazing views!
I was getting the best views of a Pied Fly ive ever had, and for it to be a stunning male aswell was just mindblowing

Brief snippets of song were heard from the bird.

He was a shy little fellow!

Away from the nesting box, we found another male Pied Fly, although this one was alot more elusive than the first, and it soon dissapeared! Making a total of 3 Pied flys at the site seen by me (2m)
3 Wood Warbler were found in various area of the wood and a single Tree Pipit was heard singing

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